Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Myrtle Beach, SC

Just came back from Myrtle Beach and it was soooo relaxing! I've been talking about moving somewhere warm for a while and SC appeals to me except for the tornado/hurricane issues. We stayed at Compass Cove hotel, and their condos were great. Oceanfront balcony and the master bedroom faced the ocean as well and had it's own bathroom. We even had a washing machine and drier but the drier did not work. The clothes got warm but stayed wet, not damp, but wet! Needless to say, the laundry room had super hot driers that you had to PAY to use. We tried making pasta one night and the water never got to boiling point! It was ridiculous. Other than that, the place was clean and well kept. I fell in love with the covered pools, lazy river and Jacuzzi which we used the first few days when the weather was bad. The beach was also kept clean. We would see dead jelly fish on our early morning walks but they would be cleaned up by mid morning. Everyone was searching for sea glass, I'm not sure if that is a new fad but I had never heard of it. The last person I mentioned it to suggested this book for my reading pleasure
 Sea Glass,

 actually now I don't even know if this is the book 

Sea Glass ,
 ugh, I hate when people write books with the same titles! Now I'm going to have to do some research...
But back to Myrtle Beach, it was like Atlantic City and Coney Island but with clean water. The beach went on for miles but they would charge you $2 and up to walk a pier.Meh. I had some great food at this really top notch restaurant called Golden Corral hehehe. Ok I jest, but I do love that place. The Sea Captains House with oceanfront dining, and Captain George's restaurant were delightful. I would go back in a hearbeat!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lyfe Jennings, Regina Belle, Jennifer Hudson

This Saturday was my first Saturday off in months that I spent in the city, not running ragged as I usually do, off to some island or country, ha ha. I went to the Circle of Sisters 2008 held at the Jacob Javitz Center. I got there late, around 7:30 because all I wanted to see was the concert. Sue me.I was promptly told that the venue was full, and I could see the exhibit, what was left of it that is, but I wouldn't get inside the concert venue. Now I was very upset, I had payed $11.00 online for my ticket and I saw disgruntled women being allowed inside the exhibit without a ticket. WBLS may in the future rent a bigger hall if they plan on asking big time performers to show up. Seriously people, Jennifer Hudson, Lyfe Jennings, Regina Belle, Deborah Cox! These are legends, we are going to turn up for $11.00 to see these people. Eventually a man turned up, did not give his name, and told us that he could give us tickets for the next day, I had work, so that didn't help me. Then he threw up his hands, put on his 'there is nothing I can do' face and told us that the 'rangers' currently keeping us out of the hall, would move and let us inside. We eventually pooled around the sides and the back doors listening and seeing as much as we could. I couldn't do much with my camera, which I plan to return to Target by the way, as it refuses to take decent night-time pictures. I missed Deborah Cox, but by the time Lyfe came on I ran up to the front like a hooligan and began screaming with everyone else. One of my goals this year was to go to a concert, and this might just fulfill that desire. I was happy, to say the least. Jennifer did her new hit "Spotlight" and managed, even with a numero uno fan crying, to give a great performance of other songs as well.
I hate to say that I was not happy with the management, and I still have my ticket, as the guy let me inside the exhibition hall without a ticket. He also let in the guy I was with for free. I would like a free ticket for next year please.
I also met new and upcoming R&B artist GWhizz from Nannyville JA. Hope his career takes off in the United States.Visit him on MySpace.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Learning Spanish

I did try to learn Spanish for the trip to San Juan, but I suffer from the disease procrastination. Now on my iGoogle page I have a feed of one Spanish word per day. I still haven't learned anything. I somehow got by on "Hola, habla engles?" and many hand gestures. Quite frankly today I see three words instead of one, on my iGoogle page, and I don't know if that is because I haven't figured out how to get rid of things that I read already or they are actually-shockingly-giving me more than one word a day! So anyway, my GF and I are planning -platonic GF that is-a trip to Europe, and hope to visit all the countries that require a schengen visa. So now I need to learn Spanish, French, Dutch and German, and so on. Needless to say I intend to practice on you, dear reader. Hola, a veces mi madre reganar mi. Like when she found out that I went to San Juan for the weekend without telling her. Feel free to let me know if I just cursed in Spanish. I don't mind hearing the truth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

San Juan Labor Day Weekend 2008

I was absolutely in love with San Juan. Iwas just there for the weekend, and my Spanish skills are poquito at best. So everyone that I met, I began with "Hola, habla engles?" As soon as they tried to explain that they knew a little, I was off, gesticulating wildly, showing my map, and interspersing English with a few Spanish words. They were charmingly helpful. I especially loved Old San Juan. I stayed at the Howard Johnson and the elevator was from ancient times. I actually got stuck in it for few minutes. The room had a wonderful bathroom, and though small, was perfect fro a single person. I did smell urine though, and there were no windows. That worried me. Breakfast was the regular continental fare, cereal, tea, juice, apples. No Puerto Rican fruits were available. But I did get to eat Mofongo, Alcapurrias, and anything that ws served with plaintains, also a Jamaican staple.
I can't help but feel sad that we Jamaicans have destroyed our island to the extent that tourists are told not to leave hotels by themselves. I walked along the Condado strip at night, I walked through Old San Juan at night, with no problems whatsoever. Think how tourists would love to explore Montego Bay, on foot. Spanish Town has such historical value, but with the gang warfare, no tourist is going to rent a car and just drive down there with a map in hand. I took the public bus, which thankfully is free until November. I could walk around, camera out, and not feel threatened. Can you imagine a tourist sitting 'One white girl on a mimi bus?" She would be so harrassed.
I found San Juan to be perfect for the independent traveler, as people were more than happy to take my picture for me. I took tours and made friends with people from Cali, East Harlem, and San Diego.
The rainforest, El Yunque, is beautiful. Jamaicans beware, if you go you'll see things you already now, like Dasheen and Papaya trees, but if you see the Coqi frog, take a picture for me. It is the island animal. It rained while we were there, and it was humid at the same time. Louis, my tour guide was amazingly knowledgable. The best part is he knew Jack Keroac's daughter. Amazing! If you go, go with EcoTours, and ask for Louis. If you want, I have his number too. Then stop by Loquillo beach. Beautifl white sands, warm sun, at the foot of the rainforest.
Don't forget to take the trolley-free-around Old San Juan. It takes you to two historical sites, El Morro and San Cristobal. Beautiful architecture. Stop by the barcardi factory for some free rum, but go with a group, the fare from the bus park where the free ferry leaves you is $8 if you're alone.
The only problem was that I sensed some apprehension toward me because of my dark skin tone.So everybody has their problems.
But still, people, try to mek Jamaica betta nuh?